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Our Approach

Our approach helps our clients to make sense of what can be a confusing and daunting process. We first get to know the student, and then help select the most appropriate program to fit their needs.

Knowing Our Students

We strive to become familiar with all facets of a studentís background, taking the time to go beyond a transcript and test results. By conducting in-depth interviews, we help the student and his or her family determine the kind of school that can best meet their educational, social, and emotional goals and needs.

Choosing the Right School

Finding the right school, customized to the needs, talents, and goals of our student, is our first priority. Whether it is with assisting an adult apply to a doctorate program, an adolescent to day or boarding school, or high school student to college, matching the right program with the right student is critical to their success.

Getting Into the School

Once a school or schools have been selected, we help our student tailor-make their application, including help with essays, standardized tests, interview preparation, grant or scholarship selection, and more.

Special Needs as a Special Case

Special needs children and adolescents are carefully followed once they enter a program, so we can make sure they are adjusting well and receiving the care and attention they need to make positive change. We maintain contact with the parent(s), school, and, when appropriate, the student to ensure a good emotional adjustment and long-term personal and academic success.

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