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Investing the time and energy into finding the right school provides great results for both the college experience and beyond. And it makes sense. Choosing the right undergraduate program is one of the most critical decisions a person can make. We take the guesswork out of this process for you, and substitute the science of proven results. Your investment in your child and in Jim Nolan and Associates will help to cultivate the very things needed for success.

We take into account each student's strengths, needs, interests, and financial resources and options. We work to address any weaknesses or oversights in the student's transcript or history, and ensure that each application reflects the full complexity and potential of the student. We assist the student in developing a list of colleges that is simultaneously ambitious and realistic. This way, each student has a comprehensive range of colleges from which they can choose.

Over time, we have discovered that the college selection process helps the student to discover their own sense of self-awareness as well as provides a strong model for independent decision making.

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