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Graduate School

When you decide to go to graduate school to pursue a masters' or doctorate degree, you need to carefully choose your program. We can help you to refine the choice between different programs and your intended path of study as well as help you examine the strengths and weaknesses of programs within certain schools, and more. We can also help you to determine exactly what you want to do with your degree, and make sure you are in the best program to achieve your goals.

We take into account your strengths, needs, interests, and financial resources and options. In addition, Jim Nolan and Associates can greatly assist you with the admissions process, helping you craft excellent essays, explain any gaps or sub-par performance on undergraduate transcripts or transition years, and more. We will ensure that each application you fill out reflects your full complexity and potential.

Once we understand what kind of program will best serve your needs, we recommend target schools, along with a fuller range of options that include colleges both more and less difficult to get into than the target schools. This way, you have a range of graduate programs from which to choose.

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