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Jim Nolan and Associates can help individuals looking for study abroad options, whether it is an American looking to go abroad, or a resident of another country looking to come to the U.S.

Students Studying Abroad

A growing number of American students are seeking to broaden their education by seeking semesters, years, or even vacation placements overseas. The personally and culturally enriching experience is one that the student will not soon forget. We can help these students find the best programs in the cities and countries that interest them, and help make the adjustments faster and smoother.

We also help foreign nationals from dozens of countries that are looking to navigate the complicated, post-9/11 world of the United States. The process of obtaining visas and understanding current admissions policies can be quite confusing. We can help simplify the student visa process, and make the admissions procedure more efficient and more likely to succeed.

Relocating Families - Day Schools

Relocation into a foreign country can make finding the right day school for your children a challenge. After all, culture shock, emotional dislocation, and a sense of apprehension can make the transition difficult for even the most well adjusted children.

We can help make it a little smoother. We will help to determine your child's academic, social, and emotional needs, and choose a school that will prevent their education from being disrupted, helping them to adjust as smoothly as possible to life overseas.

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