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Our philosophy can be distilled into one word: commitment.

We commit ourselves to our students completely, making sure that we know them thoroughly. All of our students are intricate and complex individuals with more to offer than simply what is on their transcript. We help them identify their passions, underlying interests, goals, and needs. This allows us to recommend the best school for their personality and their interests, and we commit ourselves to helping our students get into those schools.

Our commitment to our students drives us to get to know the schools we recommend, inside and out. We frequently visit a variety of schools in order to go beyond the brochures and campus walks, and we get to know the strengths of different schools and different programs. Our consultants take the time to build relationships with key faculty and staff that can help make the admissions and transitional process easier for our clients.

Our goal and driving purpose is to find the best place to allow our students to realize their full potential.

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