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A strong secondary education lays the groundwork for success in college and in a professional life. Choosing the right private day school or boarding school is one of the best investments you can make in your child's future.

At Jim Nolan and Associates, we aim to manage this process by getting to know your child, and finding out what it is they need in a secondary education. We meet with both the parent(s) and the student, and conduct in-depth interviews to determine what will best meet the child's social, academic, athletic, and creative needs and goals.

Private Day Schools

These schools can range from large religious schools to small, secular institutions. We will help to look at the schools in your area, and present you with a detailed description of each school, along with our recommendations for your student. Once a school is selected, we will help with the admissions process, ensuring your child has all the help they need with applications, essays, interview preparation, and more.

Boarding Schools

Boarding schools offer something most public and day private schools cannot. They offer a highly customized program suited to a specific kind of student, and foster independence at an earlier age. There is often a very low student-to-teacher ratio, which can allow for more mentoring and the cultivation of the student's talents. They also tend to provide the student with a strong foundation of predictability and structure. For all these reasons, boarding schools are highly desired, and often highly competitive.

Our consultants regularly visit boarding schools all over the United States and Canada to speak with faculty and view facilities first-hand. This comprehensive, hands-on knowledge allows us to recommend the best school for a particular child.

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